Mopped Up Cleaning

Literally the most thorough, detailed oriented, borderline invasive clean you will have done - cleaning things that you never knew could be cleaned.
Where everything from your light fixtures to your baseboards get cleaned. Cleaning behind, under, and on top of all furniture. Kitchens and bathrooms get stripped to the studs and are cleaned so thoroughly that even the vents are taken down to be cleaned. Door frames, light switches, outlets, and light fixtures taken down when we can.
All windows, glass, screens, and tracks all cleaned. Appliances pulled out and cleaned behind and large appliances cleaned inside upon request.. Small appliances cleaned in and out

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal - this is when we come in and maintain what we have done on a deep clean. Everything we touched on the deep clean we touch each and every clean. Baseboards and walls always cleaned, under couches and the cushions, under beds, nightstands moved out. All small appliances cleaned in and out each visit.
Bed Linen changed

Get you ready to move in or out - cleaning all walls, baseboards, light fixtures, in closets, drawers, and cupboards. Appliance cleanings can be added upon request

Working with staggers, homeowners, or realtors we will get the home spick and span and ready to have pictures taken or to be shown. Cleaning includes much of what a Move in or move out would offer but we work closely with the person in charge to clean exactly what you need to be cleaned in order to have the home ready.

Have a rental home that you want to be cleaned and ready for the next guest? We can help with that. A surface clean, editing, garbage removal, clean of kitchen and bathroom thoroughly, and changing of towels and bedding.

With the best products, we are able to offer you thorough and speedy service ensuring that your entire home or business is completely free of viruses or germs or anything else that may get thrown at us and ready for action in a little as a couple of hours most of the time

We offer daily, weekly or monthly packages. Packages include cleaning of all work areas, bathrooms, kitchens, meeting rooms, floors, and carpets, changing of all garbage and cleaning of carpets, and waxing of floors.

Working with local charities we collect food and toy donations from our clients every Christmas.

We work with a company called Cleaning for a Reason and offer free cleanings for Cancer patients

We are fully insured, bonded and have WSIB
All senior staff have been trained in CPR and First Aid
All staff have done Pandemic Awareness training and harassment in the workplace training and equality training

We Care About the Details

Mopped Up Cleaning pays attention to all the details of your projects and ensures complete satisfaction.

If you are not happy with our services, we will make it right for you. In case you need any special cleaning services, let us know, and we will be happy to fulfill your requests.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a variety of cleaning services that allows you to choose the right type of cleaning for your specific situation.

We know each home or office is different, and we customize our services to fit your needs exactly. Our exceptional attention to detail and incomparable pricing will ensure your complete satisfaction.

Following Guidelines Strictly

With strictly following guidelines from the Government of Ontario, Public Health, and WHO, we have tried not to get overwhelmed with false information while staying as well informed as we can.

Here's what we've been up to:


All staff has taken a pandemic awareness course to help us all recognize something that may arise in the community or at work or home and how to react appropriately. (Not bragging but all staff scored 100% on it)


All staff have been provided and are wearing or have the option to wear cloth masks while working. We have gone with the cloth masks on the advice of Public Health - saving surgical masks and N95 for front liners or people who work face to face with customers daily - we do not.

We are wearing masks in homes when requested by the client, sometimes able to remove them briefly in homes as no clients are there, and we can safely social distance from each other.


We have been advised by Public Health NOT to wear gloves. We have been told that unless you are handling a patient, food, or a toilet, then gloves do nothing but help spread germs and potential infections.

While we are cleaning bathrooms, they are worn, then safely removed, thrown out, then hands are washed. Hands are also washed once entering a home while going into a new part of the home and before leaving home.

Personal items such as phones are left in cars, and all cleaning products are disinfected once we have left home with a separate bag for dirty rags and mop heads.


Once this pandemic began, we did lose a lot of staff. We started working shorter days and shorter weeks, and most importantly, we have kept ALL teams the same. We have paired the teams up in such a way that with no shuffling around if there was someone to get sick, we can shut down the one team, and it would not spread through the company or other teams, allowing the rest of the company to keep going.

We are also monitoring staff health by asking that they maintain social distancing in off-work hours, and temperatures are taken daily.


We have researched and purchased some of the best cleaning products available. We are using a hospital-grade disinfectant, Cavi wipes (which kill the coronavirus, influenza, hepatitis, and even HIV all on contact).

We have also purchased a Clorox total 360 machine that allows us to go into homes or businesses and do a comprehensive disinfecting of almost 2000 sq. ft. in a few minutes.

We will never stop educating ourselves. We will never stop trying to be better, and above all, we will never stop trying to keep you safe.